Sunday, August 30, 2009

Genesis 11

Genesis 11
Verses 4-9
4 Let's build a great city with a tower that reaches to the skies-a monument to our greatness! This will bring us together and keep us from scattering all over the world." 5 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. 6 "Look!" he said. "If they can accomplish this when they have just begun to take advantage of their common language and political unity, just think of what they will do later. Nothing will be impossible for them! 7 Come, let's go down and give them different languages. Then they won't be able to understand each other."
8 In that way, the Lord scattered them all over the earth; and that ended the building of the city. 9 That is why the city was called Babel, [fn2] because it was there that the Lord confused the people by giving them many languages, thus scattering them across the earth.

Verse 4 - During the time of this story the people had already become focused on themselves rather than God. They were building the tower for themselves, to celebrate their greatness. And in doing so they also decided to stay together rather than scattering all over the world. They were directly disobeying God because as we read in Genesis 9:1, God had commanded Noah and his sons to "Multiply and fill the earth."

Verse 6 - As man unites, nothing is impossible. God scattered them and made different languages. Now the whole world is again speaking in one language through computer technology. Many things once thought impossible only a century ago are now accomplished.

Verse 7 - God says "Come, let's go down", which is evidence of the trinity.

Verse 8-9 - God confused the languages and scattered the people. His plan to fill the earth is accomplished.

We continue to advance in technology, making our world smaller and smaller. But whatever we do in this world, God will ensure that His plans are fulfilled.

Lord I am awed by your plans for us and this world. I thank you for your gift of salvation and I pray that you would work through me to reach those who need to hear and understand your plan for salvation. In Jesus name, Amen!

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