Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Genesis 12

Genesis 12
Verse 3b All the families of the earth will be blessed through you.

God promised Abram that his family and all the generations after would be blessed. Abram's family tree is the Hebrew nation and what we know today as the Jewish nation. Also through Abram's descendants came the birth of Jesus.

Verses 2-3 is a promise that God has made, but it is through Jesus that God has fulfilled the promise to bless all families of the earth. The Word of God and Jesus are the blessings that God has given to the whole world. When we are saved and are able to have a relationship with God through Jesus we are blessed beyond our own understanding.

In both verse 8 and verse 9 Abram built alters to the Lord. Abram had strong faith, even though he often faltered in his sin, and he worshipped the Lord. Do we worship the Lord. Worship brings us closer to God because it helps us to remember that God is at the center of our lives. What does it mean to worship? You are worshipping God anytime that you acknowledge that He is truly at the center of your life.

Lord thank you for you promises and for the blessing of your Word. It truly amazes me that through your perfect plan, we can have a personal relationship with you because Jesus is the way to you! There are many ways to worship you and prayer is one of those ways, please help me with my prayers so that I can be more aware of you being in the center of my life. In Jesus name, Amen

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