Sunday, May 23, 2010

A new focus

This blog has been silent for much too long! No excuses, no whining or complaining - just time to move forward. Here is what is new and upcoming for this blog.

Book Reviews
The previous post you will have seen a book review. I have reviewed several books over on my other blog and thought that I would use this blog to review only biblically based books such as bibles or bible reference type books. The first book that came up that caught my attention was the God's Promises book. I then decided that I would include any reviews for childrens books on this blog as well.

By the way, I highly recommend blogging book reviews for Thomas Nelson. Free books just for your opinion. How great is that!

Beth Moore's Daniel Study
As some of you may know we recently moved back to our house in North Carolina. When we got back I joined some wonderful ladies in Beth Moore's Esther study. It has been incredible! So much so that a few weeks ago I raised the question about what study would we do next. Well, that eventually landed me into the role of faciliator of Beth Moore's Daniel study which we will start on June 8.

I have no idea how this will work yet, but I wondered if I could blog about the study as I prepare for each week. Like I said, I have no idea what that means yet! I plan to start to prepare for this study this week so I will blog as I go???

Experiencing God Study
Being back here also means I am back to attending Wed bible study at our church. We just started a new study called "Experiencing God" and it has a workbook that goes with it. Of course I had to get the workbook! I may or may not blog about that, I am currently just trying to catch up as I got the book right before the second week. Meaning I have three weeks to catch up on before Wed! Yikes!!

Summer Siesta - Ruth Study
And then, some of the same ladies from the Esther study will also be doing the Daniel study with me. But one of them found a summer study on Beth Moore's blog, the study will be on the book of Ruth. Maybe I will blog about that too???

All I can say is WOW! You would think I would be overwhelmed by all these workbooks bible studies going on at the same time. But I am not! By faith I am jumping into them and pray I can be a sponge to absorb what I need to hear and learn what I need to grow spiritually. It is time to put this blog to better use... But grow... so let's grow, will you join me? I am praying that you will. Please comment and let me know you have been here.

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I want to be you when I grow up. :)