Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daniel - Week 1: Day 2

Week 1: Day 2 - Ties Between Past and Present

How the book of Daniel is written
One of the reasons I love studies like these is that they show you things that you would never get just by reading your Bible.  Even things that you might not even get by reading the introduction to the book or all the notes in a study Bible.  This is simply fascinating...

Parts of Daniel were written in Hebrew and some in Aramaic.  The quotes are portions of the quote from Edward J. Young used in the workbook.
Hebrew portion 1:1-2:4 and 8:1-12:13 ""...used in those portions which interpret for the Hebrews the meaning of the visions of the world empires."

Aramaic portion 2:4-7:28 "... Aramaic being the language of the world is outline the future history of the the worldly empires and their relation to the people of God

This different writing style reminds me of how the gospels have different writing styles, depending on who the primary audience was:
Matthew - written to a Jewish audience
Mark - written to a Roman audience
Luke - written to a Greek audience
John - written to Christians

The Snare of Friendly Captivity

Isaiah 39:1-8 shows us what happened because Hezekiah was comfortable and let his guard down.  His actions led to the prophecy that the Israelites would be taken into captivity.

We too can be easily drawn in.  The enemy knows our weaknesses and will put things before us that appear to make us comfortable.  When we are comfortable we let our guard down and it becomes easier for the enemy to really get intrenched into our lives, drawing us further and further away from living a godly life.

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I think my "physical reminder" will be to pray each time I study "asking God deliberately and thoughtfully to grant me depth of wisdom and understanding".