Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daniel Week 2 - Day 1

Week 2 - A Dream and a Kingdom

Day 1 - A Royally Troubled Mind

Disturbing Dreams
When was the last time you had a disturbing dream?  You know, the kind that wakes you up and you are in a cold sweat and your heart is pounding.  Mine was last night!   I have been thinking all morning that I really should write down everything I can remember from this dream because it would make an awesome scene to a horror movie or a page tuning chapter to a mystery/horror book.  I won't go into the details because, well they are just too disturbing!

As I did today's homework (oops a day late, sorry!) I was fascinated to realize that I could so vividly recall the experience of having a "spirit-striking dream" because it had literally just happened a few hours earlier!  Perhaps that is God's timing!

As I type this I can recall two other dreams that still disturb me to this day.  One happened about ten years ago and I can still recall many of the horrifying details of the dream.  At the time I was reading the book "Red Dragon" which is the book before "Silence of the Lambs".  Not exactly bedtime reading as I found out!  I fell asleep while reading the book and was rewarded with a dream that still haunts me.  I still love a good scary book, but tend not to read them at bedtime anymore!!!  The other dream was so horrifying that I can't even write about it.  The point is that I can relate to how King Nebuchnezzar felt about his dream!

One thing that the homework stated caught my attention.  It said that Nebuchadnezzar (still not easy to type by the way) may have wanted the wise men to tell what the dream was as proof of their supernatural ability or because he could not remember some of it.  There are many, many dreams that I have that are so frustrating because I cannot remember some of the details.  However, after recalling the dreams I mentioned above I personally think that he could remember everything.  He knew how they interpreted from the text books and he wanted a true interpretation of his dream, not just what the books said.

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