Friday, June 25, 2010

Daniel Week 3 - Day 1

Week 3 - No Smell of Fire

Day 1 - Taller When Others Bow

When someone bows before another, such as before a king, the king appears taller.  How does that apply to us?  Well, this study is about how the Babylon culture also represents our culture.  What is the influence?  Here are some questions from today's homework...
Do we feel more important when surrounded by those we deem important?
Do we feel more important when someone important notices us?
Do we like to be seen with those who seem important?
Are we name-makers or name-droppers?
Even the most timid 'yes' to any of these questions nods its head to Babylonian indoctrination.
I think that we have all been able to say yes to at least one of these questions!  As I was thinking about all of this I was reminded about a comment said to me years ago that still makes me laugh and is so very true.

We were gathered at a nursing home-type facility that I was the Treasurer for.  The big event of the day was when a bigwig government official was to tour the tiny village and the facility.  So we were all standing around waiting for her to make her way down the line and shake hands with all the staff and residents.  The lady that I was standing next to was a true gem.  Her comment was "I don't know what the big deal is, she sits to pee just like the rest of us" 

Well, as you can imagine we had a very hard time trying to keep a straight face as she shook our hands and made small talk!  But what it did do, is put it into perspective - even though she was politically famous and had a big fancy title, at the end of the day she was no more important than me or any of the other ladies in that room! 

We would all do well to remember that we are all created equal and we are all loved equally by God, no one is any more or any less important to God!

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