Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daniel Week 3 - Day 5

Week 3 - No Smell of Fire

Day 3 - If He Does Not

What is your greatest fear?  Many people would answer that they are afraid of dying.  But when we understand God's desire for us that fear should be replaced with anticipation.  Just as the homework stated "God always abides with us, but we are wise to remember that His ultimate goal is for us to abide with Him".

If we are faced with a trial we may be delivered from it by a miracle or delivered through it.  Either way our faith is strengthened.  But what about those times that seemingly do not make sense, such as when a Christian loses a battle with an illness.  Death is also an end to a fiery trial.  To those of us left behind it is difficult, and that may be a trial we are to endure.  But for the person that is gone from earth they are experiencing something incredibly glorious, he or she is finally in the presence of God! 

So if it seems that He will not deliver you from the trial you are enduring, then praise Him because you are about to be released from this world and join Him!  How glorious and wonderful!!

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