Sunday, January 16, 2011

Proverbs 31:27

Proverbs 31:27  She carefully watches all that goes on in her household and does not have to bear the consequences of laziness.

uggg "the consequences of laziness"  I already don't like this lesson. I just know it is going to hit hard (maybe because I slept in this morning).  hmmm maybe if I look at other translations it might not be so bad?  (see this is me procrastinating so I can avoid learning the hard lesson).

Well the NIV uses the phrase "does not eat the bread of idleness".  Is that any better?  Not really it just tells me that the Proverbs 31 women is never idle...sigh...

I suppose this really is a simple lesson - one that we have already seen in the lessons of get up early & stay up late in order to get all the work done.  It is a lesson in increasing diligence to make the most important duties and tasks a priority. 

Here are a couple quotes from the lesson today:
"godly excellence can be lived out at home and in our home management."
"your home (is) a great and privileged responsibility"
"you must..guard what has been entrusted to you. You must pursue excellence in these two vital areas of your life - the care of our household and the care of yourself."

So that makes sense right!  The care of my household would be ensuring the needs of my kids and my husband are met.  My priorities that I should be diligent to make a priority are first to love them, then to feed them(preferably healthy), and to educate them (the kids that is, hubby is beyond training haha).  The care of myself includes spiritual growth and my health.  Anything beyond that list is 'wants' and we all know that we should focus on needs vs wants anyways.

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