Monday, February 21, 2011

Stepping Up: Week 2 - Day 3

Day 3 - Much Contempt

Today's lesson focuses first on
Psalm 123:3 Have mercy on us, LORD, have mercy, for we have had our fill of contempt.

I looked up the definition of contempt and found this from the dictionary:
lack of respect, discourtesy, rudeness, irreverence

and from the Lexicon on the
dispised, shamed, springing up from evil, prosperity, judgement

When we are faced with contempt maybe we can deal with it better or maybe we are the ones filled with contempt but want to change.  So if we understand where contempt is coming from we can deal with it more effectively.  Here is what I see from the definitions...

You have contempt when you are focused on yourself, sin rules your life. 
You have contempt when you are focued on gaining wealth and possessions.
You have contempt when you judge others.

From the your contempt you have no respect, are discourteous, and rude!

So how can you change, or how can you deal with rudeness of others?  When you have had enough, when you feel like you just cannot take it anymore what do you do?  Do you respond with your own form of contempt?  Are you responding with no respect, no courtesy, and rudeness?  Instead take it to God.  The workbook has a perfect prayer that I will use myself...often!

"Lord, I've got to have your help.  I've had more than enough. I'm not going to make it in this sitution without you."

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