Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stepping Up - Week 5 Day 5

Wow, talk about taking a break from Bible study!  We had a few meetings where we did no Bible study at all, just girl-talk. However, sometimes those are needed as well.  Then I was away for several weeks and none of us kept up with Bible study.  And so here we are a few months later and finally getting back to it.  I am desperate to get back into God's Word, aren't you?

Day 5 - At His Footstool

Psalm 132: 1-10
1 LORD, remember David
and all that he suffered.
2 He made a solemn promise to the LORD.
He vowed to the Mighty One of Israel,
3 “I will not go home;
I will not let myself rest.
4 I will not let my eyes sleep
nor close my eyelids in slumber
5 until I find a place to build a house for the LORD,
a sanctuary for the Mighty One of Israel.”
6 We heard that the Ark was in Ephrathah;
then we found it in the distant countryside of Jaar.
7 Let us go to the sanctuary of the LORD;
let us worship at the footstool of his throne.
8 Arise, O LORD, and enter your resting place,
along with the Ark, the symbol of your power.
9 May your priests be clothed in godliness;
may your loyal servants sing for joy.
10 For the sake of your servant David,
do not reject the king you have anointed.

This first part of Psalm 132 is David's oath to God.  The next segment, verses 11-18, which we will look at in the next day's homework, is God's response.

The urgency we see in these words are because they are building a temple to have a place for the ark of the covenant. This ark held the stone tablets which God had written the 10 commandments.  It was where the Israelites felt they were in god's presence and by being in His presence they were blessed.  This Psalm speaks of the urgency King David had to be near God and be in His presence.

This also speaks to us today, and particularly to me.  I had just finished writing about how I desperately wanted to get back into God's Word.  Of course I know that we no longer need to be near the ark to be in His Presence. God is always with me and I am always in His presence.  But are we always aware of being in His presence? I think that since I have not been diligent in Bible study recently I have not been as aware of His constant presence.

Today Beth ended the homework by saying this...
"Invite Him back with the fullness of His presence...God cannot abide near you without blessing you. Call for Him. Somewhere in the heavenlies the music is playing, and it is time for you to dance again."

Hallelujah and AMEN!!!

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