Friday, September 2, 2011

Imagine is still in my imagination

I was invited to attend the Imagine event in Washington, DC that took place last weekend. I am incredibly disappointed that I was not able to attend. I knew I would not be able to attend Friday evening because that was the first day of preschool for Ben & Carlee so I couldn't miss that!

However, I was considering driving up to Washington Friday night so that I could attend the event on Saturday. Only those plans were disrupted by Mean Irene! I chose to stay home with my family during the hurricane that was headed straight for us. 

Although I was not able to attend I know that there are still many other locatons still to come and I encourage you to attend one of them.  Here is a link to see the many other locations

Thanks to Women of Faith and Booksneeze for providing this opportunity! And all praise goes to God for sparing our family and community.

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