Monday, October 17, 2011

Made to Crave: Week 1 -Day 5

Week 1 - Day 5
Chapter 3 - Getting a Plan

Here are a couple lines that jumped at me from this chapter.

pg 35 - we want the results but have no desire to put in the work required.

pg 37 - Something had to give...I had to learn the discipline of giving up some things

pg 39 - I've come to look at this process as embracing healthy choices rather than denying myself.

Reading these lines gives me goosebumps.  I could have written them myself!  These three lines pretty much sum up my weight loss journey to this point. 
1. simply, I have wanted to be skinny again, but have been to lazy to do anything about it - anything that works that is.

2. something had to give, it was long over due to make a positive change - for good.  I cannot keep calling it baby weight when my babies just turned 5.

3. The point here is that I am not denying myself the occasional treat - as long as I remain within my daily and weekly points allowance. 

I have chosen a few things that I have completely cut out (sort of). 
- No chips (unless Santa brings me some - hint hint)
- No cheesecake (except for my birthday)
- No candy bars, nope not even for Halloween (but perhaps Santa will bring me mini Reese's PB cups and the Easter Bunny will bring me Cadbury Easter eggs) 
- No eating after 7pm (except for popcorn and only if I am watching a movie, which is rare anyways)

Now if you know me you will notice that there are two items that are not on this list.  They are the items that ultimately have made every other attempt at losing weight fail miserably because I tried to completely cut them out. So this time I do have a plan and that plan is following Weight Watchers and counting my points. 
- I can have Pepsi, but certainly not every day and only if there are points left over for the day.
- I can have French Fries, but only on FRIday - and only if I have enough points left for the week.

So I have not denied myself these two things, but I have to work extra hard to save points if I want them - which means I have to make healthier food choices.  Maybe that's why I have been enjoying salads - ummm no way! that can only be God!

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