Monday, October 17, 2011

Made to Crave: Week 1 - Day 2

Week 1 - Day 2: What's really going on here?

We had a discussion in our study group about water.  Basically if you are not a water drinker you don't seem to ever be that thirsty.  But if you are a water drinker you get thirsty and your body will crave that water.  The more water you drink, the easier it is to gradually increase your water intake to eventually get to that goal of 6-8 cups of water a day.  But can that work for foods too?  Absolutely!

from the book: pg 23 - we crave what we eat. If I make healthy choices over a period of time, it seems to reprogram my taste buds.  The more veggies and fruit I eat, the more veggies and fruit I crave.  However, if I eat brownies and chips, I crave brownies and chips in the worst way.

In just a couple of weeks of changing my eating habits I am really seeing my food cravings change.  I am enjoying eating salads for crying out loud!  Great big huge bowls of salads!  If you know me then you know that I have never truly enjoyed salads, it was just 'not my thing'.  Only by the grace of God could this even be remotely possible!!!

Though this process, and it has only been a couple weeks, I am already loving God more because I am recognizing His hand in all of it.  I am not giving into temptations, I am making much healthier food choices, but at the same time I am not depriving myself of a few treats - as long as I count the points and stay in the points range.  Trust me, you can't stay within your points if you are trying to have treats every day or even every other day!  Those treats gobble up those points pretty darn fast!

Oh and don't forget that this principle we crave what we eat works for memory verse too.  I have memorized twenty verses (actually more because some of them have more than one verse) and am craving more.  It is getting easier to memorize even though I keep adding to the list.  I share this not to boast about how many verses I have memorized but to encourage you to do the same, it is so rewarding to have these verses on the tip of my tongue when I need them!

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