Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stepping Up - Week 1, Day 1

Day One - Worship on the Way

Let's start with a direct quote from the workbook...

I believe He has the following goals for all of us:
- God desires to dramatically change our outlook on daily life.
- God wants to raise us to a higher plain of worship and service.
- God wills to usher us to the next step in our personal journeys with Him even if we have to press through the thickest forest to get to it.

The first thing that sounded so wonderful was for God to change my outlook.  There are many moments in every day that need to be changed - and I will leave it at that for now!

In my memory verse this week Romans 12:1, part of it says When you think of all He has done for you, is this too much to ask?  I doubt that any of comes close to the level of praise and worship He deserves.  We all need to increase in this area!

The suggestion in the workbook is to make a commitment to "take a moment every day to get down on our faces before God." All the way on the floor.  Now this is certainly something I am willing to do, I just need to be creative in order to avoid the distractions of three kids jumping on me or dogs trying to see what is going on.  I do love the concept - it is the ultimate way to humble yourself before God.  Then I thought how can we be humble before God?  Here are some thoughts...
  • eager to share all that you have
  • gaining and seeking knowledge
  • grateful in all things, even in suffering
  • listen more than you speak, and only speak kindly
  • do not judge
  • be gentle and patient
  • know that God provides all things
That is just a quick list, and if I had the time I would support all of it with scripture, but right now I need to go make lunch!

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